Auction Services

Auctionpay card readers streamline the cashiering process at fundraising events. Whether you are holding a gala, auction, luncheon or golf tournament, Auctionpay creates a better event experience for guests, staff, and volunteers.

Guests can chose to pre-register their card at check-in and breathe easy for the rest of the evening, knowing that their check-out and item pick-up will be fast and effortless. Staff and volunteers know Auctionpay automates many of their check-in and check-out tasks, so they can be more welcoming and relaxed with event guests.

  • Guests swipe credit cards at registration; information is securely stored
  • Guests can pre-register credit cards at registration; Card readers are connected directly to computer(s), so credit card information is encrypted and securely stored in the software as part of the database
  • Credit card data is linked to the guest’s bidder number for easy tracking during the event
  • At the end of the event, guests verify successful bids and pick up their purchases—skipping the cashier and dramatically reducing lines
  • Settlement reports are password-protected and printed directly from the terminals for review
  • Banking reports can be printed on networked printers in the check-out area
  • After the event, using the terminals, batch payments are transmitted via an analog phone line
  • After the event, using the card readers, funds are transmitted to bank via an Internet connection
  • Funds are transmitted to your account within five business days after payments are submitted


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